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What’s New in OpenNMS Horizon 22

System Requirements


Important Upgrade Notes

  • All collectors using the JMXSecureCollector, MX4JCollector or JBossCollector must be migrated to use the Jsr160Collector instead.

  • All monitors using the JBossMonitor or JMXSecureMonitor must be migrated to use the Jsr160Monitor instead.

  • All detectors using the JBossDetector or MX4JDetector must be migrated to use the Jsr160Detector instead.

Breaking Changes

  • JMXSecureCollector, MX4JCollector and JBossCollector have been removed. Please use the Jsr160Collector instead.

  • JBossMonitor and JMXSecureMonitor have been. Removed. Use the Jsr160Monitor instead.

  • JBossDetector and MX4JDetector have been removed. Use the Jsr160Detector instead.

New Features

Dependency Updates


Release 22.0.0

Release 22.0.0 is the latest stable release of OpenNMS.

The codename for 22.0.0 is TODO