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Class OnmsAlarm

Represents an OpenNMS alarm.


  • OnmsAlarm




Optional ackTime

ackTime: Moment

the time this alarm was acknowledged

Optional ackUser

ackUser: string

the user that acknowledged this alarm

Optional affectedNodeCount

affectedNodeCount: number

If this alarm is a Situation, the number of Nodes affected by its RelatedAlarms, a value of 1 otherwise

Optional count

count: number

the number of times this alarm has triggered

Optional description

description: string

the alarm's description

Optional detailsPage

detailsPage: string

link to the alarm details page on the source instance

Optional firstEventTime

firstEventTime: Moment

the first time an event has triggered this alarm

Optional id

id: number

the alarm ID

Optional journal

journal: OnmsMemo

journal memo - a note associated with the reduction key for this alarm

Optional lastEvent

lastEvent: OnmsEvent

the most recent event that triggered this alarm

Optional location

location: string

which location the alarm originated from

Optional logMessage

logMessage: string

the alarm's log message

Optional managedObjectInstance

managedObjectInstance: string

managedObjectInstance - the instance associated with this alarm if it is a situation

Optional managedObjectType

managedObjectType: string

managedObjectType - the type associated with this alarm if it is a situation

Optional nodeId

nodeId: number

the node's ID associated with this alarm

Optional nodeLabel

nodeLabel: string

the node's label associated with this alarm

Optional operatorInstructions

operatorInstructions: string

operator instructions

Optional parameters

parameters: OnmsParm[]

the parameters emitted with this alarm's event

Optional reductionKey

reductionKey: string

the alarm's reduction key

Optional relatedAlarms

relatedAlarms: OnmsAlarmSummary[]

relatedAlarms - A list of alarms related to this alarm/situation

Optional service

the service associated with the event

Optional severity

severity: OnmsSeverity

the alarm's severity

Optional sticky

sticky: OnmsMemo

sticky memo - a note associated with this specific alarm instance

Optional suppressedBy

suppressedBy: string

who the alarm was suppressed by

Optional suppressedTime

suppressedTime: Moment

when the alarm was suppressed

Optional suppressedUntil

suppressedUntil: Moment

when the alarm will stop being suppressed

Optional troubleTicket

troubleTicket: string

the trouble ticket ID associated with this alarm

Optional troubleTicketLink

troubleTicketLink: string

the link to the trouble ticket system if defined

Optional troubleTicketState

troubleTicketState: OnmsTroubleTicketState

the state of the trouble ticket associated with this alarm

Optional type

the alarm's type

Optional uei

uei: string

the UEI of the event associated with this alarm



  • get isAcknowledged(): boolean


  • get isSituation(): boolean


  • get lastEventTime(): Moment


  • get urlValue(): string
  • The value of this object when added to an OpenNMS URL parameter.


    Returns string

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