Interface BackendGraph

    • Method Detail

      • containsVertexId

        boolean containsVertexId​(VertexRef id,
                                 Criteria... criteria)
      • getVertex

        Vertex getVertex​(java.lang.String namespace,
                         java.lang.String id)
      • getVertices

        java.util.List<Vertex> getVertices​(Criteria... criteria)
        Return an immutable list of vertices that match the criteria.
      • getVertices

        java.util.List<Vertex> getVertices​(java.util.Collection<? extends VertexRef> references,
                                           Criteria... criteria)
      • addVertexListener

        void addVertexListener​(VertexListener vertexListener)
      • removeVertexListener

        void removeVertexListener​(VertexListener vertexListener)
      • clearVertices

        void clearVertices()
      • getVertexTotalCount

        int getVertexTotalCount()
      • addVertices

        void addVertices​(Vertex... vertices)
      • removeVertex

        void removeVertex​(VertexRef... vertexId)
      • getEdge

        Edge getEdge​(java.lang.String namespace,
                     java.lang.String id)
      • getEdges

        java.util.List<Edge> getEdges​(Criteria... criteria)
        Return an immutable list of edges that match the criteria.
      • getEdges

        java.util.List<Edge> getEdges​(java.util.Collection<? extends EdgeRef> references)
        Return an immutable list of all edges that match this set of references.
      • addEdgeListener

        void addEdgeListener​(EdgeListener listener)
      • removeEdgeListener

        void removeEdgeListener​(EdgeListener listener)
      • clearEdges

        void clearEdges()
      • getEdgeTotalCount

        int getEdgeTotalCount()
      • getEdgeIdsForVertices

        java.util.Map<VertexRef,​java.util.Set<EdgeRef>> getEdgeIdsForVertices​(VertexRef... vertices)
        This function can be used for efficiency when you need the EdgeRef instances for a large number of vertices.
      • addEdges

        void addEdges​(Edge... edges)
      • removeEdges

        void removeEdges​(EdgeRef... edges)
      • connectVertices

        Edge connectVertices​(java.lang.String edgeId,
                             VertexRef sourceVertextId,
                             VertexRef targetVertextId)
      • resetContainer

        void resetContainer()