Class HttpNorthbounder

    • Constructor Detail

      • HttpNorthbounder

        protected HttpNorthbounder()
        Instantiates a new http northbounder.
    • Method Detail

      • isReady

        public boolean isReady()
        Description copied from interface: Northbounder
        Used to determine if the northbounder is ready to accept alarms. If no northbounders are ready, the caller can save resources by not creating and initializing the NorthboundAlarms. This method is called once after northbounder is registered and started. If the status were to change sometime after, the northbounder must re-register itself.
        true if the northbounder is ready to accept alarms, false otherwise.
      • setConfig

        public void setConfig​(HttpNorthbounderConfig config)
        Sets the configuration.
        config - the new configuration