Class MultiResourceCollectionSet<T extends CollectionResource>

    • Constructor Detail

      • MultiResourceCollectionSet

        public MultiResourceCollectionSet()
    • Method Detail

      • getCollectionResources

        public final java.util.Set<T> getCollectionResources()
      • setCollectionResources

        public final void setCollectionResources​(java.util.Set<T> collectionResources)
      • visit

        public final void visit​(CollectionSetVisitor visitor)
        Description copied from interface: CollectionVisitable
        Provide a way to visit all the values in the CollectionSet, for any appropriate purposes (persisting, thresholding, or others) The expectation is that calling this method will ultimately call visitResource, visitGroup and visitAttribute (as appropriate)
        visitor - a CollectionSetVisitor object.
      • getCollectionTimestamp

        public final java.util.Date getCollectionTimestamp()
        Description copied from interface: CollectionSet
        Returns the timestamp of when this data collection was taken. Used by thresholding.
      • setCollectionTimestamp

        public final void setCollectionTimestamp​(java.util.Date timestamp)