Class NodeDiscoveryIpNetToMedia

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    java.lang.Runnable, ReadyRunnable

    public final class NodeDiscoveryIpNetToMedia
    extends NodeCollector
    This class is designed to collect the necessary SNMP information from the target address and store the collected information. When the class is initially constructed no information is collected. The SNMP Session creating and collection occurs in the main run method of the instance. This allows the collection to occur in a thread if necessary.
    • Constructor Detail

      • NodeDiscoveryIpNetToMedia

        public NodeDiscoveryIpNetToMedia​(IpNetToMediaTopologyService ipNetToMediaTopologyService,
                                         LocationAwareSnmpClient locationAwareSnmpClient,
                                         long interval,
                                         long initial,
                                         Node node)
        Constructs a new SNMP collector for IpNetToMedia Node Discovery. The collection does not occur until the run method is invoked.
        EnhancedLinkd - linkd
        LinkableNode - node