Class NodeCollector

    • Field Detail

      • m_node

        protected final Node m_node
        The node ID of the system used to collect the SNMP information
    • Constructor Detail

      • NodeCollector

        public NodeCollector​(LocationAwareSnmpClient locationAwareSnmpClient,
                             long interval,
                             long initial,
                             Node node)
        Constructs a new SNMP collector for a node using the passed interface as the collection point. The collection does not occur until the run method is invoked.
        nodeid -
        config - The SnmpPeer object to collect from.
    • Method Detail

      • collect

        public abstract void collect()
      • runDiscovery

        public void runDiscovery()

        Performs the collection for the targeted IP address. The success or failure of the collection should be tested via the failed method.

        No synchronization is performed, so if this is used in a separate thread context synchronization must be added.

        Specified by:
        runDiscovery in class Discovery
      • getPrimaryIpAddress

        public getPrimaryIpAddress()
        Returns the target address that the collection occurred for.
        a InetAddress object.
      • getPrimaryIpAddressString

        public java.lang.String getPrimaryIpAddressString()
      • getInfo

        public java.lang.String getInfo()
        Description copied from class: Discovery


        getInfo in class Discovery
        a String object.
      • getNodeId

        public int getNodeId()
      • getSysoid

        public java.lang.String getSysoid()
      • getSysname

        public java.lang.String getSysname()
      • getLocation

        public java.lang.String getLocation()
      • equals

        public boolean equals​(java.lang.Object obj)
        equals in class Discovery
      • getNode

        public Node getNode()